The amount of working capital directly depends upon the length of operating cycle. Operating cycle refers to the time period involved in production. It starts right from acquisition of raw material and ends till payment is received after sale. The working capital is very important for the smooth flow of operating cycle. If operating cycle is long then more working capital is required whereas for companies having short operating cycle, the working capital requirement is less. Call Finance Network Int’l Inc for a no cost consultation.

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Business financial strength is of vital concern to business owners, corporate managers, investors and lenders.  Efficiency and cost control are keys to success in many companies throughout the United States and the world.  Business owners can no longer afford to manage by gut feel.  Business owners need to monitor the financial strength of their companies relative to their marketplace on an on-going basis.  Placing increased focus on the key areas of business profitability, liquidity and solvency can really have a positive impact on your financial strength and bottom line!

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Working capital financing

Working capital financing is essential to any growing business. It helps keep your business current and competitive in your market. If you have commercial real estate or equipment that produces an income for your business, you can obtain working capital financing that can help pay down credit lines or accounts payable, freeing up money for growth opportunities. Before attempting to obtain this type of loan make sure that you have established good business credit scores. These credit scores will make a big difference when the lending institution is determining whether to give your business the money that it needs to succeed.

Working capital financing can range anywhere from $100,000 to $2,000,000 and more. The loan terms can range anywhere from 15 to 25 years. These loans typically are paid back in installments with no large lump-sum payments required. This is also known as a fully amortizing loan. Once acquired working capital financing can be used for acquiring real estate, expanding a current facility, building a new office, purchasing new equipment, operating expenses, or to buy out a current owner or shareholder.

All types of businesses are eligible for working capital financing. Service businesses, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, professionals, restaurants, and gas stations can all benefit from these types of loans.

Ease the process of obtaining this financing by having your business credit scores in place which our unique Business Finance Coach.

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